I know that the last blog article was a lot of information so this time I wanted to follow up with information about how to look for a quality brand when choosing your tea without being too long winded.

At Tea4USA we feel that we have taken the leg work out of that task for our customers, bringing you the best with the Tea4USA Brand. I have visited Sri Lanka a number of times (around 10 I think) and I have made a point of touring through the plantations, the factories and the processing and warehouse facilities, making sure that we are bringing you the best. However, it is also important to know the industry quality certifications that the brand brings with it.

Tea4USA, produced by Anverally and Sons, is a pioneer in fine tea exports from Sri Lanka and makes a point to embed the phrase pure Ceylon tea into their brand name, the right to display the Lion logo is a symbol of 100% pure Ceylon tea packed in Sri Lanka. This logo ensures the premium quality of Ceylon tea distinguishing themselves as a connoisseur of unique tea tastes blended from the finest ingredients, Sri Lanka has to offer.

While the secret to having that perfect cup of tea is to focus on preserving the natural aroma, flavors, and quality of tea, a winning tea brand is equally coupled with all the right quality and safety certifications. Be it a certification on sustainability, fair treatment of employers, or keeping contamination at bay, having certifications is a must when delivering a superior brand of tea. Anverally has a fully equipped ISO3720 laboratory, which has the capacity of testing all types of teas to meet American and European specifications. The Company is also ISO 22000, HACCP, GMP and Organic tea certified.

The process of bringing you that exquisite cup of tea involves many different stages spanning from plucking fresh tea leaves to grading and tasting. Premium tea bands should always have certifications for multiple aspects of the manufacturing process be it blending, brewing or packaging. But the process starts at the plantations, so knowing that your tea is being grown with the least impact on the environment and with a mind to sustainability is also important.

There are thousands of certifications in the food and beverage industry but not all are applicable to all products, certifications on storage conditions, sustainability, environmental awareness etc, may be applicable to many but others such as certified gluten-free may seem irrelevant for a tea product produced by a company that only produces tea and therefore would not have any gluten-containing products in the factory.  

There is no and fast rule as to how many certificates a product should have, but Tea4USA has all of the essential quality and safety certifications and has been highly recognized in the industry throughout many countries winning a number of export awards.